Clovis Police Department Sets Up “Safe Zone” For Online Transactions

Clovis Police Department Sets Up “Safe Zone” For Online Transactions

Clovis Police Department
The Clovis Police Department has set up a designated safe zone for people who want to buy or sell something on websites such as Craigslist or eBay classifieds, but are worried about their safety.

For those buying or selling items online, one of the most nerve-wracking parts is arranging where to meet up in-person for the transaction to take place. Across the country there have been numerous cases of deals gone wrong, resulting in theft, injury, and worse.

Peace of Mind for In-Person Transactions

One of the most common options for those looking for peace of mind during transactions was to meet up in a public area, such as a store parking lot, or even inside of a coffee shop. Now, another option is to meet at the Clovis Police Department’s “Exchange Zone”. Located in the parking lot in front of the department, the area is under 24-hour video surveillance.

While officers will not be physically present at the transactions, the department hopes that the location and surveillance will be a deterrent against fraud and theft. “The concept behind it is, it’s a “safer” place to exchange your goods, so that you’re not doing it in a poorly lit parking lot in front of Target with someone you’ve never met before,” stated Sgt. Jim Munro of the Clovis Police Department.

The Clovis Police Department is located at:

1233 5th Street,
Clovis, CA 93612

Signs designating the exchange zone will go up next week. Remember to always follow basic safety tips when you’re buying or selling online: Try not to go alone, trust your instincts, and make sure transactions take place in a well-lit, public area, preferably in broad daylight.

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