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Former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Indicted

After a year-long investigation by the FBI and ATF, Former Deputy Chief Officer Keith Foster and 6 others have been indicted by a grand jury for drug trafficking. The 13-page indictment alleges that Foster and 6 others conspired together to distribute Oxycodone, heroin, and marijuana. Video evidence shows Foster filling prescriptions for Oxycodone at a local Rite-Aid, and then dropping them off at an accomplice’s house.
“They’re not going to be able to say that this was … a one-off thing, because he was doing it over and over again,” Charles Magill said, in speaking with KGPE CBS 47 about the case, “That gives more credibility to the theory that the only reason he had those prescriptions was for selling them on the black market.” Read the full blog post…

FBI Outlines Evidence against Dep. Chief Keith Foster

Fresno Dep. Chief Keith Foster has recently been arrested on suspicion of involvement in multiple drug related crimes. For a year, the FBI has been watching Foster, in what they say was an “intensive” investigation, including video surveillance and wire tapping of phone calls. The FBI states that recorded phone conversations “more than ties Foster to the crimes he’s accused of.” KSEE 24 consults legal analyst Charles Magill. Read the full blog post…

Is There a DUI Checkpoint Loophole?

An attorney out of Florida is claiming that there may be a loophole to get out of a DUI checkpoint. He states that when at a checkpoint, you don’t have to say a word to officers, and do not need to show your license. But is this the case in the State of California? KGPE CBS 47 Fresno talks to trusted defense attorney Charles Magill about the issue. Read the full blog post…

Greyhound Found “Not Negligent” in Fatal 2010 Crash

After 5 weeks of testimony, a Fresno jury ruled 10 to 2 that the Greyhound driver was not negligent in a 2010 crash that killed 6 people, including 3 women who were in an overturned SUV. KGPE CBS 47 spoke to defense lawyer Charles Magill about the case. He noted that the jury seemed to rely heavily on the findings of the CHP who was investigating the crash while being sued by Greyhound. Read the full blog post…

Fresno Man Accused of Fatal DUI Accident Formally Charged

The man accused of driving under the influence and causing an accident that killed two people and injured two others, has formally been charged. KGPE CBS 47 Fresno brings in criminal defense lawyer and legal analyst Charles Magill to give a word on the latest update in this case. Read the full blog post…

Verdict in “American Sniper” Trial

Eddie Ray Routh, the man accused of killing “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, was found guilty of Capital Murder during his trial on Tuesday, February 24th. A unanimous decision by a Texas jury of 10 women and 2 men, Routh was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. KGPE CBS 47 talks to legal analyst Charles Magill on why Routh’s insanity plea failed. Read the full blog post…

Former Fresno Police Officer Arrested for Stolen Vehicle.

Former Fresno Police Officer, Alfred Campos, was arrested on February 17th, 2015 on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle. Campos was noted to be acting suspiciously when bringing in the truck for repairs at local Chevrolet dealer, and when investigated, it was discovered that the vehicles VIN numbers had been switched out, and the vehicle reported stolen from Virginia. Defense Attorney Charles Magill, when interviewed by KGPE CBS 47 regarding the situation, advises that it will be difficult for prosecutors to win the case, as they will have to prove that Campos was aware that the vehicle was stolen. Read the full blog post…

One Suspect Charged, One Released in Janessa Ramirez Murder Case.

Both KGPE CBS 47 Fresno and the Fresno Bee seek legal analysis from Charles Magill on the recent release of Isaac Stafford, one of the suspects from the recent murder of 9 year old Janessa Ramirez. Magill explains that if more evidence and witnesses are uncovered that support Stafford’s involvement in the case, then it is likely that he will be re-arrested. In high-profile cases such as a shooting, it is important to be methodical, which results in the need to try suspects separately. Read the full blog post…

New California and Fresno laws for 2015.

NBC’s Fresno channel, KSEE, discusses new laws for 2015 facing Fresno and the rest of California with attorney Charles Magill. One controversial issue is the allowance of undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver’s license. Going into effect right away is a new gas tax, which is not as noticeable currently due to the lower oil prices being seen nationwide. New groundwater regulations seek to offset issues with seepage, which can affect building structure and stability, and the nation’s first statewide ban on plastic bags may be going into effect in July, however there is still opportunity for a public appeal. Also on the year’s task-list is the introduction of new regulations and restrictions for massage parlors, due to affiliations with prostitution, and the outlawing of distribution of nude photos as an act of revenge against another person. See the video above for more information.

Education, restraining orders, and the risks of representing yourself.

When should you seek representation from a defense attorney? Central Valley Today interviews Fresno Defense Lawyer Charles Magill and reveals some cases where one might not normally think to hire a defense lawyer. In the education system, having representation for your child in the case of expulsion could make the difference between them being able to walk at graduation or not. A defense attorney can also assist in the case of a restraining order. Also discussed in this video are the risks of trying to defend yourself, without a professional attorney.

Body cameras approved for Fresno police force.

NBC seeks Fresno defense attorney Charles Magill’s opinion on the implementation of body cameras for Fresno’s police force, which started going into effect in August and September of 2014. The police force hopes to be able to fit all members of Fresno’s police with cameras eventually, as they help increase the professionalism of the officers, create trust for the public, and help provide valuable evidence.

Local reaction to the Supreme Court’s announcement on gay marriage.

CBS Fresno turns to attorney Charles Magill for a trusted legal opinion regarding the Supreme Court’s decision regarding gay marriage, and how it affects both federal and state law.

Buchanan High School Wrestler speaks out about his expulsion from school.

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