Fresno Man Accused of Fatal DUI Accident Formally Charged

The man accused of driving under the influence and causing an accident that killed two people and injured two others, has formally been charged. KGPE CBS 47 Fresno brings in criminal defense lawyer and legal analyst Charles Magill to give a word on the latest update in this case.

Hector Castillo-Pichardo, 23, is accused of running a red light while driving under the influence when he hit an SUV, killing the driver, 23-year old Molly Griffin of Fresno. A passenger in Castillo-Pichardo’s car also died in the fatal accident.

Castillo-Pichardo is now facing charges for being an unlicensed driver, failing to stop at a red light, DUI, and gross vehicular manslaughter.

“Being unlicensed doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s more negligent than a licensed driver,” states criminal defense attorney Charles Magill. Molly’s father, Doug Griffin, might seem to agree. He said that although Castillo-Pichardo should not have been driving, he doesn’t believe he intended to hurt his daughter. He says his daughter had a big heart, and would want people to forgive Castillo-Pichardo.

Charles Magill elaborates on the charges that Castillo-Pichardo is facing. He states that the charges for being an unlicensed driver are relatively minor in this type of case. The more serious charges will come from the DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter charges, two of the most serious driving related crimes. In combination of these, Magill says, “He’s looking at quite a long time in prison.”

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