FBI Outlines Evidence against Dep. Chief Keith Foster

FBI Outlines Evidence against Dep. Chief Keith Foster

Fresno Dep. Chief Keith Foster has recently been arrested on suspicion of involvement in multiple drug related crimes. For a year, the FBI has been watching Foster, in what they say was an “intensive” investigation, including video surveillance and wire tapping of phone calls. The FBI states that recorded phone conversations “more than ties Foster to the crimes he’s accused of”

The 8-page report recently revealed by the FBI outlines the findings against both Foster and multiple alleged accomplices, in regards to the distribution of Oxycodone, heroin, and marijuana. Video evidence shows Foster using his employee’s insurance to fill prescriptions of Oxycodone, and then dropping them off at an accomplice’s home.

In a statement to KSEE 24, Charles Magill states that Foster faces a penalty of 45 years in federal prison. It is unlikely, however, that he will actually serve that long if found guilty.

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