Former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Indicted

Former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Indicted

After a year-long investigation by the FBI and ATF, Former Deputy Chief Officer Keith Foster and 6 others have been indicted by a grand jury for drug trafficking. The 13-page indictment alleges that Foster and 6 others conspired together to distribute Oxycodone, heroin, and marijuana.

Video evidence shows Foster filling prescriptions for Oxycodone at a local Rite-Aid, and then dropping them off at an accomplice’s house.

“They’re not going to be able to say that this was … a one-off thing, because he was doing it over and over again,” Charles Magill said, in speaking with KGPE CBS 47 about the case, “That gives more credibility to the theory that the only reason he had those prescriptions was for selling them on the black market.”

Magill says that if convicted, Foster could face less jail time than the other defendants, due to having a “cleaner record”. He also believes that Foster’s attorney may try to settle, rather than go to trial. Regardless, Magill says, “He’s going to have a high price on his head.”

Foster resigned from his position as Deputy Police Chief on April 3rd.

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