Charles Magill has defended, fought and protected the rights of the accused while establishing himself as one of the central San Joaquin Valley’s esteemed law voices for the last quarter of a century. As a result, Magill is positioned to become the next Fresno County Superior Court Judge.

In addition to his work as an attorney, Magill is an artist, philanthropist and active member of the Fresno community. His work with various youth law programs has helped shape the future of central San Joaquin Valley’s legal fraternity. He has shared decades of legal experience and expertise with aspiring legal minds as both a coach and scoring attorney in the Fresno County Mock Trial Program and as a judge for high school debate and forensics competitions. He has also served as a judge for Fresno State Mock trial contests.

Magill has also become a staunch advocate in the fight against breast cancer, a disease wife Laura once survived only to have it reappear months later. Spurred by his personal experience with the disease, Magill has become a patient advocate for the Pacific Medical Center of Hope, a cancer treatment facility in Fresno. Magill has also become well versed in patient rights, once again assuring civil liberties are upheld.

communityAn active member of his church, Magill has served as a Sunday School Teacher and Young Life Leader, a program that includes taking teens to summer camp. Christian faith has led Magill to fight for First Amendment rights on many occasions, including early in his career when he defended individuals arrested for protesting at abortion clinics for the Rutherford Institute. Challenging such arrests under the First Amendment has earned Magill the Carlson-Parker Award from the Pacific Justice Institute, an honor given to a lawyer who best exemplifies a willingness to defend religious freedoms.

Having attended law school at San Joaquin College of Law, Magill has had an eye on valley issues since his career’s inception. He has served as a Pro Tem judge for Fresno County Superior Court and serves as appointed council for indigent defendants in Fresno County. Magill has volunteered for the San Joaquin College of Law Barrister’s Ball’s planning committee and on the fundraiser committee for the Alumni Mixer at Borba Ranch.

Recently, Charles Magill, with the support of thousands, was a candidate for Fresno County Superior Court Judge.